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Satyam Lachhwani
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Github Resume Generator

Hello Geeks,

I built a resume generator that takes your Github username and generates a resume in a format including Introduction, statistics, Top repositories, contributions, and links to your profile using the Github GraphQL API v4.


  • Introduction - The first section is a basic introduction which includes your Github name, username, bio, location, GitHub avatar, and the year since you're on Github.

  • Stats - The second section is a statistics section containing the number of total contributions, followers, following, PRs, issues, etc. It may also contain details depending upon whether you're a Bounty Hunter, Developer Program Member, Campus Expert, Hireable, etc.

  • Top Repositories - The third section contains top repositories containing your pinned repositories. The purpose is to provide ways to select particular repositories. Pin the repositories you want to appear on the top repositories section on your resume. More options on it will be added soon.

  • Contributions - The fourth section contains your pull request contributions (most recent at the top), it also mentions how many commits are made in those pull requests. If you haven't contributed earlier, this section will not appear on your resume.

  • Footer - Your Username, Github Link, Website Link(if any).

🌟 Star this repository, if you find it useful.

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