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JS first, in my opinion, will lead people new to programming down a whole lot of hurt.

On the other hand, people who start with JavaScript won't try to write JavaScript as if it were another programming language and get frustrated because it doesn't work like their favourite language does. Neither will they learn only one programming paradigm like OOP because it's the only one their language supports and then try to impose it to every other language they learn.

Also, JavaScript is a very nice language to start with because you can very quickly see fancy things happening (like a webpage reacting to user clicks and all that), as opposed to just printing stuff on the console.

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I agree. In some ways it’s a good first language: no install needed, visual feedback, tons of resources etc. but in others it isn’t: dynamically typed, quirks, prototypal, weird type system etc.

One definitely needs statically typed OOP languages like C# or Java to get the fundamentals down. Too many wannabes hate on statically typed languages because they’re “hard”.

Either way, if one’s gonna be a full stack Dev then they have to learn JS, or you’re by definition not full-stack which is my argument on the whole roadmap.

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