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Sébastien Barbieri

My favorite project I've been working on is the Play Station single page application I made for RTBF.
It was very easy, simple with amazing support and it's still a super simple and low maintenance app.
With simple event routing and backbone style webapp.
Coffeescript & require.js to have clean dependencies.
The app was so awesome that I eventually transformed it into a small coffeescript/javascript webapp 101 (with routing and whatever + low memory footprint + remote debugging 101 + 3 cache levels + node packaging 101 + require.js 101 + ...).
That was really awesome.

I'm not a good whatever languages you want programmer but I love to change often and to learn new languages as it gives me a lot of idea for my daily job.

Currently I'm testing some machine learning stuff and it's pretty awesome.

Also, I've been doing a bit of awk, python, ruby, Rust, C, C++, ASM (x86) (yes I'm that old).
I'm a bit more working with Javascript, php, bash.