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re: NASA can't hire plumbers for the work they do. I see what you're saying, but rocket engine plumbing is actually a thing.

I'm actually excited about this comment because it gives me a chance to talk about one of the funniest conversations I've had about this article.

One of my friends is a mid-career changer from hardware to software engineer.

We joke about the fact that, before he switched, he used to work on lightsabers (plasma... Specifically plasma torches IIRC)

He called this out as well:

At my previous company, we specifically hired an MIT PhD physicist to help us with fluid dynamic simulations of our plumbing (though more light-sabery and less sewagey), and also I'm pretty sure he helped unclog the septic tank once or twice. Just sayin.

I responded with one of my favorite nerd jokes I've ever made that only works in this context:

your point is kind of making mine... I didn't say the PhD wouldn't know HOW to do plumbing, just that I think a professional plumber will do it better in more cases... and the intrinsic complexity of lightsaber plumbing kinda screams to hire the PhD and not Joe's Plumbing... because pretty soon it would be Joe's Plumbing and Barbeque... just sayin, LOL

Replace lightsaber plumbing with rocket science and it still works haha

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