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Fastest way get your first developer job

Do you know the shortest path between two points?

...its a straight line.

When trying to get your first job as a software developer theres a lot of stuff you dont know.

It might seem like a good idea to learn python, and ruby, and javascript, and java (because java kinda sounds like javascript)

Well...when money is tight and you need to get a job its crucial to reflect on your goal (getting a job) and how you can get there from your current situation.

I recommend focusing on basic frontend technologies using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build a simple game.

Idk something simple like every time you click a die it rolls a new number 1-6.

Simple and fun.

Then deploy it.....

Thats valuable.

Whats not valuable is...going through ANOTHER tutorial on something youll never use in your career.


Its not about how hard you work its about how hard you work doing the RIGHT things.

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