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the command line command that saves me hours per week

The command that saves me hours per week

Knowing your tools can make or break your productivity.

But let’s talk about the command line first.

It’s FOUN-DA-TIONAL to your success as a developer or engineer.


This is your way to interface with your computer, run files, test stuff out, push your code to git, and so on.

Ya sure you can use an abstraction for these things like an IDE or git user interface like GitTower.

But…it really stunts your growth as a developer if you can’t use the terminal.

You’re gonna see this everywhere in your day to day.

Not only are you using it to build something small. But if you need to connect to a server and investigate. You’re gonna want to know how to figure out where you are and how to navigate to get your job done.

There’s nothing like SSH’ing(connecting) into a server and feeling shid outta luck because you dont know what to do.


Back to the command that saves me hours per week…probably more.

It’s called "grep".

This is just a fancy way of saying…

Hey!!! Computer!!! Filter out a bunch of stuff and show me
what I care about.

I use this when listing files…a lot. Or checking the contents of a file. So I don’t need to manually use my eyeballs to go read stuff I don’t have the time or patience for.

Work smarter not harder....amiright? 😉

Something I use in the wild looks like:

> ls | grep thatthingicareabout

This will list all of the files in my directory and then filter all folders or files that contain the title “thingthaticareabout”.

With all of that being said…

I literally just finished my first offer Mastering the Command Line Basics in Under 20 minutes to set YOU up for success no matter where your career takes you.

This offer includes the most important commands I use on a daily basis and HOW to use them.


If you want to save hours per week so you can focus on solving actual problems and get your engineering career off on the
right foot…

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Hi, if you love grep, you might find a tool like fzf or peco useful.
They are essentially an interactive grep that allows to fuzzy find what you are looking for.
The output of these tools can then be piped through other commands, just like you might do with grep :)