How do you pass the time when you can't fall asleep?

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True story. It is almost 6am and I have not gone to sleep yet.

How do you pass the time?

The other day, I read Bundler and Nokogiri documentation. Today I ordered pet supplies. I feel weird about coding this early/late so I end up reading on my phone.


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I find that I am better at coding in the morning, and activity go to sleep the night before earlier. If I do the opposite and code late at night, I stat awake thinking about all my code, the problem space, etc.


I do a mindfulness body scan. I know a lot of people are sceptical of mindfulness because it's a form of meditation, which has a lot of forms, many of which are associated with religion>, but just focussing my attention on aech part of my body in turn stops my mind from spinning in circles, going over the events of the day.


This is a great idea. Sometimes stress or anxiety keeps me awake (or, keeps me from getting back to sleep). Practicing mindfulness may help with that.


Normally I read books on my phone or google articles to read. However I'm trying to reduce using any mobile devices before I go to bed so instead of reading stuff on my phone I am trying other things. Lately I've been writing in my journal or reading books. I set up a page in my bullet journal just for writing down things I need to do, ideas I have and other stuff on my mind that I just need to get down on paper so I don't forget.


Certain podcasts are good at knocking me the hell out; I have almost never made through an entire episode of the Literary Lovecraft Podcast, not that it's boring, there's just something about it. Also try Monster Talk or Darknet Diaries


I personally found that using my phone when I can't sleep just makes it worse, although I have smack the phone on my face after falling asleep once or twice in my life πŸ˜‚
What works for me is reading. I always have my Kindle on my nightstand drawer.


I have been trying to reduce it but I end up browsing long comment threads on Reddit.com

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