What color are your office walls?

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Currently, they are a sage green from the previous owners.

I don't hate the color, but I am also open to changing it. A light, neutral background is appealing since I can add color via accessories.

What color are the walls in your office? Do you plan to change them?

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At work, an off-white somewhere between parchment and eggshell, with grey salt-and-pepper patterned cubicle walls.

At home, a pale alabaster (almost exactly the HTML color, just a bit lighter) with a sea foam green stripe around the room at about shoulder height.

In both cases, I don't really have any interest in a change. It's not like I spend my day staring at the walls, and I have some art up too so it's not completely bland.


From work desk: burnt orange, white, steely grey, and bluish off-white (no plan to change, no control over it, nice change from previous gov't putty grey walls)
From home desk: minty green obscured by posters/calendars/art/bookshelves (no plan to change, soothing, all the crap on/in front of the walls engages me and reminds me why I'm here)


A pretty boring beige... but it's no fuss and blends into the background well. 😀


Home office in the basement... cheesy wood panelling from the 70s/80s. LMAO.

Eventually when the kids want their own rooms I'll be kicked out of there & make them renovate it!


Flashbacks of cheesy wood panelling, cheesier mirrored wall tiles, and cheesiest dark-cork wall tiles. Child of the 70s I am, yes.


Wood paneling might be back in style, who knows.


I work from home so I am lucky, white-ish with a navy accent wall and a nice wood desk.


A navy wall sounds nice. I wanted to do an almost navy, demin color for the basement, but we may opt for something lighter instead.


Blank white both at work and home. I find it good to beautify ornaments, and it makes the room seems more lightened. I like it actually.

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