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My long time ride or die keyboard was a Kinesis Freestyle Solo until it literally died last year.

Before #StayAtHome I was using a basic logitech straight keyboard at work and the keyboard on my MacBook Pro ( I truly hate them both ).

When #StayAtHome started I bought a HyperX Alloy FPS Pro mechanical keyboard, because I like 87-Key keyboards & the price was good at Best Buy. I really liked the response of the MX Red switches, but had to give it to my daughter because of all the compatibility issues I had with it on my Mac.

Now I'm on a very inexpensive Redragon K522 RGB mechanical keyboard. It's another 87-key keyboard but with MX Red "equivalent" switches. I'll admit that I was sceptical about the keyboard when I bought it, but didn't want to fork out a hundred plus for other mechanical keyboard options.

Overall l'm really happy with the keyboard. The switches are a bit clicky, but not horrible in my opinion (my family links differently). I was excited to read & prove true that the function keys work with MacOS and I'm able to switch the RGB lighting sequences without needing additional software.

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