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From App to Startup - Incubator Program

DataStax and the One Million by One Million (1Mby1M) global virtual accelerator have come together to launch the “DataStax - 1Mby1M Startup Challenge.” 1Mby1M is a virtual program that offers entrepreneurs access to a vast network of potential customers, channel partners, investors, media, analysts, and advisors.

The challenge reaffirms DataStax’s commitment to supporting developer entrepreneurs who are using Apache Cassandra™ and open source tools to build modern data applications.

The competition is open to anyone using Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, or Astra DB as a core component of their business. Startups will be selected through an application process and the winner will be rewarded with:

A one-year all-inclusive license to entire DataStax Astra DB, the industry’s first and only open, multi-cloud serverless database
A one year scholarship to 1Mby1M Premium, which includes access to weekly mentoring and a proven, online curriculum to help accelerate the business-building progress of entrepreneurs.

Scholarship submissions are being accepted here between Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021, at 8 a.m. PT through Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021.

For a preview of the 1Mby1M program, please register to attend a free online mentoring roundtable session. In case you are unable to attend live, all who register will receive a recording of the session via email.

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Wow, that sounds like an insane deal! However, a 10.000 dollars price tag for those services is slightly exaggerated. Maybe I'm not correct, and that's a reasonable price, and a rich person would accept this price, but I don't think it's the right way to place this kind of business. I mean, there are companies like that offer similar services. And you know, their services are much more adequate, and they help you on all the stages of creating your own business! Moreover, they can help you even with your EIN and many other things.