Welcome To Your Silicon Valley Life: Starting Your First Tech Job

SeattleDataGuy on September 27, 2019

Photo by Hardik Pandya on Unsplash You did it! You landed a position as a software engineer for a Silicon Valley start-up. You can't help but have... [Read Full]
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Ugh. So many of this resonates exactly with what my life was like over there. And our rent was literally 3000/month. The room I was in before was a cheap deal: 2400.

One container of strawberries: 11 USD at Molly Stones. Now, back home, in season, 2 EUR, and that's the more expensive ones.


I just saw a house that was 860 sq feet going for over 1 million USD. Its just crazy over here.


I'm surprised more tech isn't going into say, Chicago. 2k for a studio downtown as opposed to 3000-3500 ]:


Maybe! I think some companies are looking into it. But it is slow.


Hmm..sounds like a really bad way of life in silicon valley in the choices one make to be there


This post is some what a satire. There is some truth behind it for sure. But it also is meant to be humorous.


It all depends :). This post is kind of a joke. Personally my rent is no where near that much. But I know plenty of friends who just wanted to live in the city and so they do pay 3k to rent some 200sq ft tiny studio and commute 1.5 hours to work XP. It's all about the choices you make.

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