re: 🚲 🚂 🚗 🚆 How long is your commute time and how do you cope with it? VIEW POST


15-minute 🚶 + 10-minute 🚅 (6tph; wi-fi and seats) + 5-minute 🚶.

I deliberately don't have time to do anything much more than check my calendar so I know what to hit first when I get to my desk. Like any place I even consider working, I'm trusted to do a day's work rather than be at my desk 08:59 - 17:31.


I was lucky enough to be able to choose where we lived, and was even luckier to find somewhere that would be good for my new family to live and grow up as well as get me to/from work. After previous commutes of up to 1h30m, it was an important factor in the relocation.

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