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Discussion on: Migrating from Jekyll to Hugo

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Sebastiaan Deckers • Edited on

Thanks! I'm currently switching to Hugo from a custom Markdown to HTML build script that was based on Unified/Remark. Worked fine at the start but now I want something with less self-maintenance.

One suggestion: Don't point your domain at that IP address. With Cloudflare DNS you can use a CNAME for the root/apex domain and their DNS edge servers will resolve it on-the-fly. Should work the same way as what you did for the www. CNAME.

Netlify CDN does not appear to use an anycast IP address. That IP mentioned is just hitting a server (or set of servers) in one location in the world. In fact it looks like ($ whois that it's a Google Cloud owned IP address. Netlify are using Geo DNS to return a different IP address based on who is doing the DNS lookup, location, time, uptime, server load, etc. E.g. for me the domain is currently resolving to a Digital Ocean IP address. Netlify appears to run their web servers on various cloud providers, so they can't share the IP address globally.