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Popular Auto Tune Apps for iPhone and Android:

From using heavy software and vst plugins, we have finally arrived at a time where audio editing is simply available on a smartphone device. Tuning your voice automatically was a challenging task centuries back but with the advent of digital signal processing, we are in a position to even manipulate voices. Auto tuning is an exciting technology that can be used to scale your voice, change the pitch of your voice, add effects to your singing and finally adding background music to videos as well as audio files.

Auto tune technology mainly converts your voice into a digital signal. Since every note of voice has a frequency, we can change these frequencies the way we want. For example, if you are unable to sing at high pitch, you can use auto tune apps. Then you just have to sing in a lower pitch you are comfortable with. The app will automatically tune your vocals the way you want and enhance your singing. There are many autotune apps for android like Voloco and AutoRap by Smule. But the main problem is finding good autotune apps for ioS devices. Is there an auto tune app for Iphone?

Best auto tune apps for iPhone:

Many popular background music apps have been launched since 2016 for Iphone and android. These apps are not only for adding background music but also contain some amazing auto tuning features.


Voloco is the most popular app for auto tuning nowadays. It provides some amazing features like:

  • Real Time audio processing. You can instantly know how your voice is getting tuned.
  • Use Voloco library that has amazing karaokes, beats and rhythms to create a complete new rendition of a song.
  • Due to the popularity of this app, Voloco has a separate hashtag on social media platforms. You can share your work among the big community of Voloco through using hashtags on instagram about autotune apps. There is a big chance to get popular.

The app is completely free of cost however if you want certain additional premium features you have to switch for in app purchases.

AutoRap by Smule:

  • As the name suggests this app is an excellent tool for creating raps. Features of this app:
  • Just create a good combination of rhymes and this app will instantly convert those words into a rap.
  • This app is a new world in itself. People are using this from all over the world. Hence it rates the users of this app according to the popularity of their songs.
  • Share your rapped versions directly on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram. Use hashtags to get features easily.


This is a popular app for making raps that comes with amazing auto tuning plugins and karaokes.


  • Use the Rap Name generator by them to get the most unique rapper name. There are thousands of free samples by popular artists that you can use to generate raps.
  • You can create a song and invite your friends and followers for mixing with you.

Tune Me:

This app will make you sound like a pro as if you are in a studio.


  • Thousands of free music beats.
  • Auto-Pitch adjusting at real time.
  • Display of the waveform that you are singing.
  • Syncing of your voice along with the tempo of the beat is done automatically.

Some popular questions related to auto tune apps:

How to get autotune for free?

These four apps mentioned above are completely free of cost. There are many free auto tune apps but these apps are being used so much due to their features that chances of getting famous through their platform is much more than using a new app that is less popular. Also they regularly keep adding new effects and features to these apps.

Do singers also use auto tuning?

Most of the singers nowadays use auto tuning. However, their voice is tuned by heavy software that are used by a pedal. If you turn on the pedal, auto tune begins and ends when you release the pedal. The latency with these software is almost nominal.

Does auto tune make you sound better?

Yes definitely! Auto Tune is nothing but making your voice geometrically perfect. Everything has a pattern and geometry. These software detect where the pattern is getting disrupted and adjust your voice accordingly where required. Also there are many songs you cannot sing at high pitches. Either you practise hard and train your vocal chords or sing at a lower pitch you are comfortable with and auto tune it to a higher pitch.

How do I auto tune my voice using Audacity?

Audacity is a free and simple to use software for audio editing. One can also use them for playing with their voice. By using audacity you actually learn how to process your voice.

Auto tuning by Audacity will help you understand the technical aspects of these autotune apps mentioned above.

Which is the best free autotune app?

Among all the apps mentioned above, Voloco and AutoRap by Smule are completely free of cost and contain almost all the features that big software are providing today in the form of plugins. Apps like StarMaker, The Voice and Micdroid are also good options after the two apps mentioned above.

Is using auto tune apps good for you?

This is a popular doubt among singers. What is better to be a singer or to pretend to be a singer. Everyone is a singer today or if not these apps make them a singer. These apps are perfect for people who don’t have time to improve their voice. However such apps are power packs with so many features at a single place.
ut those who are actually professional singers or on that path, should use these apps cautiously! AutoTune makes you sound so good that you forget to be aware of your mistakes and correct them.

Final Words:

This article summarizes all the queries regarding best autotune apps. You can read about more such apps at the link mentioned above. Stay tuned at Dailyjunkies to explore latest trending apps.

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