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Whoah. Hi guys. Just gotta say that I've been waiting for the next coolest social networking site, and I gotta say that this might just be it 🤓. How have I never heard of this place before?! 😲

My name's Maricris and I have over 2 years of prof. full-stack coding experience (mostly w/ JS, React, Node.js). Currently making the most of my unemployment days by working on a side project called Woga (using JS & React again for frontend but GoLang for the back).

I'm already learning a lot from awesome devs here and I can't wait for more/to share some of my blogz w/ y'all!


we develop and maintain various python packages to control the MeerKAT radio telescope. I have been on the team for 6 months now and its my very first dev job.


Digitizing what I've been doing for the past 2 years to help me feel good/sane/balanced in life; Woga. I wrote a blog about it: medium.com/@maricrisbonzo/wogas-te....

But it's kind of outdated. Ended up not using a few of the tech I listed on there. I'll be updating it soon though!

How about you? Whatcha workin' on/interested in nowadays?


Ihaaaaaaaa! So, do you love so much JS? Great choice


haha, yes I do. It was my first language. Now I am learning Go. How about you?


Hey! Welcome! I just joined as well. I'm also on Medium and saw that on your profile so I've added you :)


Hello Jamie! Thank you . :-) It's amazing how welcoming devs are here, haha. How's the learning journey going?

Not bad! Hit some snags because both my power cords for the 2 computers I own broke in one week, so currently waiting to replace them. But honestly I shouldn’t complain, because I’m lucky to have two computers to begin with. 🙈

Hey there, I joined a couple of weeks ago but never introduced myself. I'm Jerami. Sorry about the cords.

I think I've just finished writing my first article which touches on what to do when computer problems get in the way of code. I'll be publishing it in the next couple of hours.

Just wanted to say hello to some other newcomers. So, "Hello!"


This is Vim girl from youtube! Happy to see you here.


Hahaha, omg hi! So awesome you know about Vim girl 😂. You made my day. What have you been up to?

Well not much. Preparing for the Technical interview 👨‍💻 to land a good Internship. Fresh out of college. Great to hear from you too.😀


Welcome to dev.to, Maricris! Fellow newbie here, too! 👋


Hi Maricris, I am also new to dev.to . I am a React Native developer. I want to learn backend development now as I have no experience with it.

I read that you have experience with both Node and Golang which got me excited as I am confused as to which one should I start my backend development with .

Can you share your experience using Node.js in production ? Also how easy/difficult it was for you to learn and use Golang ?

Can you share the resources you used to learn both Node and Golang ?

Thank You


Sudeepto, there is a good O'rielly book called Introducing Go, and NodeJS has many. Having a hard copy is nice but also ebooks do the job. I personally like using books when I'm learning new programming languages but other formats can be good too, it all depends. Also if I had to start a new backend web project today, I would probably choose Golang.

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