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12 Best Free Architecture Software for Architects

Architecture Software plays a significant role in architects’ lives as it verifies the endurance and quality of the service you offer. A software program provides excellent contributions in early design decisions, including challenging ones, are to get corrected and rigid to alter. Well, these two are primary functions of architecture software.

It is the basis for the smooth mutual understanding, consensus, negotiations, and communications among stakeholders.

Top Reasons Why you should use architecture design software

1. The foremost reason behind the significance of architecture design software for architects is that it effectively organizes ideas of the architect and reduces the risk factor in several complex projects. This software makes architects to smoothly create 3D complex sketches without facing any difficulty. Architectural Software is defined as BFC (better, faster, and cheaper) for architects by elevating their productivity, as well as maintains quality with affordability.

2. Secondly, architectural software proves a beneficial element for architects by offering them to create professional designs with perfection at a high pace. This architectural software is utilized by architects for diverse purposes to create a stupendous level design. On the whole, Architectural software is a boon of architects. Did you know in the 3CAD, architectural software allows architects to create a realistic presentation? Simultaneously, there are several outstanding uses of architectural software that makes it significant for architects.

3. Thirdly, the introduction of architectural software has indeed advanced the entire era of architecture and opens the gateways for talented architects to show their creative ideas with smartness. It assists in creating diagrams and drawing in diverse forms of views like isometric, side, back, and front. All in all, it becomes straightforward for architects to convert 3D designs into technical drawings that perform a great role in manufacturing.

Consequently, these are a couple of top reasons that define the significance of architectural software in the successful journey of architects. If you are an architect who wants to achieve success in the architectural field, get in touch with the architecture software tools.

In this article, we are exploring the list of top-rated and free architectural software. Well, take a few minutes and read till the end and make an ideal selection of architectural software that will match your needs.

Free CAD:

Free CAD is one of the best free architecture software. This software allows you to create a plan for various real-life items like stadiums, houses, and buildings. It is open-source architecture software for all windows. It includes varied architecture designs, ship designs, part design, and many more. If you want to go for a simple architecture design using a free piece of software, then you can use it as an ideal house planning software.

My Virtual Home:

My Virtual Home is a perfect alternative to hiring an architect.

It is one of the effective and creative free house design software. It is perfect software if you want to imagine how your house should look like. My Virtual Home includes highly attractive models of surfaces, materials, and objects.

Design Workshop Lite:

Design Workshop Lite is one of the prominent 3d design software. This software is designed with a user-friendly interface so that you need no expert knowledge to use it.

It has incredible features like projection, lengthening, and even elevation that users can smoothly handle the virtual designing of the constructions.
Get ready to design house and flooring plans with no second thought.

Sketch Up:

Sketchup is a highly talked and popular architecture software among all professionals and students. It comes with two versions i.e., SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro.

You will get an incredible 3D image generated along with many to add on features on Sketchup.

Amongst both of the versions, you can choose architecture software as per your needs.

Archi CAD:

Archi CAD is all-round architecture software in which you can use both 2D and 3D architectural design. The software is totally user-friendly that can smoothly handle by both novices and experienced architects.

It is considered as BIM software that is mainly used to design huge stadiums, large buildings, and houses.

Dream Plan:

Dream Plan is amazing architecture software that is compatible with all Windows operating system versions. It is one of the free software designed with incredible features related to designing of constructions.

This software allows users to design homes.

You can design 3D models with this software along with projected 2D views of the structure.

Revit Architecture:

Revit Architecture software is one of the best architecture software ever spoken about, with amazing features.

This is basically premium software that comes with 30 days trial version and free students’ version. You would need a student email ID to get a freemium account.

You can easily make changes in your designs with Revit architecture, and even alter and save the same with no major workaround. Moreover, it will provide you alteration in landscapes for the amazing 3D experience.

Auto CAD Architecture:

Auto CAD Architecture is an amazing selection for both learners and professionals. This architectural software offers a huge selection of professional tools and techniques to their users for a better experience. Even you can envision how your house will look after the execution of building design plans. You can get a 30 days free trial of this software program which comes with premium features and tools during the period.


If you are seeking something technical or programming related, then Dynamo is an ideal choice. It is free architectural software with the house of 3D designs. Well, Autodesk is a driving force behind this architectural software. It is registered under an open-source license, so you don't need to concern about any interference. However, you will get three main versions to satisfy your needs and requirements i.e., free version, commercial, and download version.


B-Processor is amazing architectural design software that is created by professors and professional architects with the best of their knowledge and expertise. This software is designed with a user-friendly and easy-to-handle interface for a newbie or student to handle it smoothly. Apart from the highly advanced architecture and design features, you can also analyze the associate cost and quantities invested.

The Architecture Desktop:

The Architect's Desktop (TAD) is an amazing architectural software that allows you to transfer your sketches or basic designs into the final product with the assistance of its built-in tools. It is magnificent software for senior or expert architects. You will enjoy several latest and standard features from this 3D house design software without paying any charges.


BricksCAD BIM is one of the highly advanced creation; It is a 3D design software that allows you to design high information representation and photorealistic of different structures like buildings. The sophisticated features and software tools push their users to create complicated designs and structures with relative easiness. Well, the software is compatible with Windows operating systems, MacOS, and Linux for easy collaborative teamwork.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best collections of free architectural software for professional architects.

We hope our incredible list of top 12 best free architectural software would help to make an ideal selection as per your requirement and needs.

Did we miss any important software program on the list?
Don’t hesitate to share the name of the tool in the comments below. Also, share your experience with the tools mentioned above.

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