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Top 10 Free Magazines for ASP .NET Developers and IT Programmers

Magazines for ASP .NET Developers and IT Programmers

When you plan to learn a new programming language it is essential to follow certain guides, learner’s manuals and tech magazines in order to get hold of the basics. These magazines allow you to get an insight into the programming language and understand it in a better light. They also have simple code snippets to let you understand the working of the language and the proper understanding of the syntax. is one of the popular languages that support the MVC model of working.

Let us check out some online magazines for .net MVC developers:

1.)Visual studio magazine:

It covers a broad spectrum of information about the language and is also available as a downloadable pdf. The details and information provided in it are quite complex. It is a good pick for .net MVC developers who are at an advanced stage of .net coding. They may be able to get the hold of the information as compared to the learners or amateurs.


2.) Codemag:

Code is another great magazine for developers as it focuses chiefly on .NET and Microsoft products. It was launched in 2000 and since then it has been covering the latest technical advancements and cutting-edge technologies. It is not too technical nor too refined it weighs somewhere in the middle making it a good choice for the new learners.



This magazine is said to publish and provide content that is sophisticated and to the point. The complex theories and coding standards related to can be easily found in MSDN magazine. They are a great go-to guide for Microsoft products and also some of the emerging technologies. All the Microsoft programming languages are explained excellently. The best thing about this magazine is that it can be viewed absolutely free so you do not have to pitch in extra money to read it.


4.) Dotnetcurry:

The current market for developer in India is growing at a rapid pace. In order to keep progressing and climbing up the professional ladder one need to align with latest developments. The developers need to keep brushing up their knowledge and coding basics from time to time. The Dotnet curry magazines are published once every two months. It was started in 2012 and is a great pick for .net and Javascript developers and architects. The subscription is completely free and could be subscribed using just a simple E-mail Id.


5.) App developer magazine:

This is a centralized magazine that offers a wide variety of information covering different areas of development. It is not just for .net MVC developers but has a wide range of options to choose from. They have a wide variety of fields ranging from big data to artificial intelligence to designing. It is a great option for developers who have an inclination towards other fields as well and not limited just to .net development.


6.) 4 guys from Rolla:

This is basically a website but would like to make an exception by mentioning it in our list as we are specifically talking about This is a dedicated website just and just for framework. They have articles published particularly for You can get articles that can guide you from using the from scratch to writing complex programs. They have different sections for Ajax, MVC, networking, caching and security.


7.).Net magazine:

.Net magazine helps developers and designers to get the right approach for an application or website development. Not just articles they also have podcasts, forums available for sorting out common errors during the stages of web development. They offer content ranging from coding to CSS to flash to Facebook.


The magazines mentioned in this article are the famous ones and one can get sufficient information by subscribing to them. These are not the only magazines that are available one can surely find some others too.

Have a good reading time. !

magazines suggested by an SEO Expert. If you know any Good magazines for Dev communities members kindly comment below. Thanks

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