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re: Totally agree. At the moment I work on two applications - one is React and one is Vue. The amount of code and complexity on React side to fetch &am...

But Vuex is the official solution for state management in Vue right? Redux is an external library, compatible not only with React, and is not even officially enforced. Also there are a lot of data fetchings libs for Redux since data fetching is also not part of the core of Redux, you could just fetch(url).then(res => res.json()).then(data => dispatch(action(data))) and that's all you really need.


No one enforce you to use Vuex, if you like you can use Redux even MobX. There are also Rx binding provide from the core team to use those fancy operators. I will say they choose different philosophy. Although Redux is claim to be framework agnostic, but does really people use Redux in Angular... uhm. I'm a both end user, depending on who I'm working with, I can switch Vue and React back and forth.

NGRX is redux inspired library for angular state management. So people kinda use it. Not directly though

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