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What's New and Updates in Vue CLI 4.0

Hi guys ⭐

Today, I will talk about new features that come with Vue CLI 4.0.

How to Install or Update to 4.0 ❔

Install 🔥

If no vue cli version is installed on your computer, you can download the latest cli version by running the command below.

npm install -g @vue/cli #for npm
# OR
yarn global add @vue/cli #for yarn
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Update 💨

If you have vue cli on your computer, you can update it latest version by running the command below.

vue upgrade
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What's New? ❓

The default directory structure was changed for Vuex and Router

In v3 the default directory structure is src/router.js for router
In v4 the default directory structure is src/router/index.js for router

In v3 the default directory structure is src/store.js for vuex
In v4 the default directory structure is src/store/index.js for vuex

In addition: It's time to api.hasPlugin('router') time. api.hasPlugin('vue-router') is no longer supported.

Extra Approval Step to Prevent Overwriting 💫

If you have uncommitted changes in the current repository, you will see a one more step when you run vue add or vue upgrade or vue invoke.

PS C:\Projects\FURKAN\weatherapp> vue add eslint
WARN  There are uncommited changes in the current repository, It's recommended to
commit or stash them first.
? Still proceed? (y/N)
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In version3 there is sass-loader@7 by default. sass-loader@8 is default version now.

If you look vue cli documantation, you will see this block.

@vue/cli-service will continue to support sass-loader@7 in v4, but we strongly recommend you to take a look at the v8 release and upgrade to the latest version.

Whitespace handling in the template block 👽

To get a smaller package, the preserveWhitespace option of vue-template-compiler is disabled by default in Vue CLI v3.

    This is <strong>an</strong> <strong>example.</strong>
    Can't touch <strong>this</strong>
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With whitespace: 'condense'

<span> This is <strong>an</strong> <strong>example.</strong> Can't Touch <strong>this</strong> </span>
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With preserveWhitespace: false,

<span> This is <strong>an</strong><strong>example.</strong> Can't touch <strong>this</this> </span>
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Note the inline whitespace between tags is now preserved.

Build Command for Development Mode 🏃

When you running the build command in version 3 in development mode, the dist folder would be different from the production mode. Now, the directory structures across all modes would be the same.

About Plugins 💀

I got the this part from


When importing a file without extension, the webpack resolve options now prefer .ts(x) files over .js(x) and .vue ones. We strongly recommend you to always include the file extension when importing .vue files.


Jest is updated from v23 to v24.

The unit-jest plugin now comes with 4 configuration presets:

  • @vue/cli-plugin-unit-jest The default preset for the most common type of projects
  • @vue/cli-plugin-unit-jest/presets/no-babel If you don't have @vue/cli-plugin-babel installed and don't want to see babel files in the project
  • @vue/cli-plugin-unit-jest/presets/typescript The preset with TypeScript support (but no TSX support)
  • @vue/cli-plugin-unit-jest/presets/typescript-and-babel The preset with TypeScript (and TSX) and babel support.

If you haven't changed the default Jest configurations (lies in either jest.config.js or the jest field in package.json) ever since project creation, you can now replace the massive configuration object with one single field:

module.exports = {
 // Replace the following preset name with the one you want to use from the above list
    preset: '@vue/cli-plugin-unit-jest'
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A Reminder The default test environment in the new presets is jsdom@15, which differs from the default one in Jest 24 (jsdom@11). This is to be aligned with the upcoming Jest 25 updates. Most users won't be affected by this change. For a detailed changelog with regard to jsdom, see



See breaking changes in the [@vue/cli-service]( & [@vue/cli-plugin-eslint]( packages.


This plugin now requires ESLint as a peer dependency.

This won't affect projects scaffolded with Vue CLI 3.1 or later.

If your project was scaffolded with Vue CLI 3.0.x or earlier, you may need to add eslint@4 to your project dependencies (This is automated if you upgrade the plugin using vue upgrade eslint).

It's also recommended to upgrade your ESLint to v5, and ESLint config versions to the latest. (ESLint v6 support is still on the way)

The Prettier Preset

The old implementation of our prettier preset is flawed. We've updated the default template since Vue CLI v3.10.

It now requires eslinteslint-plugin-prettier and prettier as peer dependencies, following the standard practice in the ESLint ecosystem.

For older projects, if you encountered issues like Cannot find module: eslint-plugin-prettier, please run the following command to fix it:

npm install --save-dev eslint@5 @vue/eslint-config-prettier@5 eslint-plugin-prettier prettier


Before Vue CLI v3.0.0-beta.10, the default command for E2E testing was vue-cli-service e2e. Later we changed it to vue-cli-service test:e2e. The previous command was since deprecated but still supported. We have now completely dropped support for this legacy command.


Nightwatch.js has been upgraded from 0.9 to 1.x. Be sure to read the Nightwatch migration guides first.

The bundled config and generated tests have been completely overhauled. Please follow the link for more details. Most use cases in Vue CLI v3 are still supported. They are just new features.

As ChromeDriver has changed its version strategy since version 73, we've made it a peer dependency in the project. A simple browser version check is implemented in the plugin, so if you've upgraded to an incompatible version of Chrome, there will be a warning to prompt you to upgrade the depended ChromeDriver version.

I would like to state that I have received some of the places in this post from Vue CLI. See the references section for more information.

I hope that gives a basic idea about cli 4.0 is and what came with it. If you are still here thank you for reading :)


Migrating from v3

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