Discussion on: How many email addresses do you use?

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Sylvie Fiquet

I have five.

  • professional on gmail for resumes, GitHub, etc
  • personal on iCloud: for communication with friends and family
  • 3 mailboxes on personal domain, with pretty much an alias per company
    • for buying
    • for personal stuff
    • for career-related stuff

The personal domain mailboxes are the oldest and were set up to deal with spam. I use aliases to protect my email addresses from junk mail. If I start getting a lot of spam on one alias, I know which company has been compromised and I can just delete the alias without impacting emails from other companies.

The only problem with this setting is when people ask me out of the blue "What's your email address?" as I don't have a default one. [Note to self: need to add one]

Nowadays junk goes straight to the junk folder so maybe I don't need this so much.