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How many email addresses do you use?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Currently, I actively use four.
One for development projects related stuff (based on personal domain), one for an office job I work (provided by employer), a personal Gmail, and another one for all the informal stuff (local email provider). There is also my university email, which I use pretty rarely since I graduated.

How many email addresses do you actively use?


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For 15+ years, I stick with one Gmail account.


Actually, it was my first if I remember it correctly. For a while, I was trying to tag emails and sort them via categories to stay organized... Idk, maybe it's just me, but it didn't work for me πŸ˜‰
Especially nowadays when there are so many newsletters, promotions, spam, etc from all the services (some of them you can't even unsubscribe, lol). Depending on how many emails you got and how many services you have associated with your email, it's surely manageable, tho might require a little extra work. πŸ˜‰


Emails that are couldn't be unsubscribed will drop into the mighty spam box (blackhole). I use the label to auto/manual organizing emails. My label section is quite long now.


Nitpicking - gmail was established less than 20 years ago. Release date found using a quick google search was April 1st 2004...


Ha! I just make my quick assumption, not really calculate exactly how many years. Lemme correct it.

It's all good, I was just being nitpicky because, you know - if devs aren't then who is? I remember 20+ years ago having a Yahoo mail, IIRC Google didn't even exist back then (Now I feel old... )

Nostalgia... The ICQ (I seek you) messeger were crazy popular at that time, we treat it like our smartphone apps of today.


One for work, one for personal life, and 100+ aliases for different use cases. I use the + aliasing notation (e.g. user+alias@example.org) whenever I need to give any company my email which leads me to know if that company leaks my email somewhere or otherwise uses it suspiciously.


I have five.

  • professional on gmail for resumes, GitHub, etc
  • personal on iCloud: for communication with friends and family
  • 3 mailboxes on personal domain, with pretty much an alias per company
    • for buying
    • for personal stuff
    • for career-related stuff

The personal domain mailboxes are the oldest and were set up to deal with spam. I use aliases to protect my email addresses from junk mail. If I start getting a lot of spam on one alias, I know which company has been compromised and I can just delete the alias without impacting emails from other companies.

The only problem with this setting is when people ask me out of the blue "What's your email address?" as I don't have a default one. [Note to self: need to add one]

Nowadays junk goes straight to the junk folder so maybe I don't need this so much.


I currently use 3 email addresses.

  • My first email was many years ago but at a point, it looked too childish for official stuff. πŸ‘¦
  • Then I created another with a combo of my first, last, and middle name. That looked more matured and official for me. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό
  • Though recently, as I began a startup I created another email for business only. πŸ’Ό

I've been using my main gmail account for almost 10 years now. But there are a lot of emails coming in everyday and its hard to keep track of everything. So I created dedicated email addresses for my freelance work, corporate work, and personal business. In this way, I can easily track everything that comes in each business. What do you think?


Awesome, similar approach that I use πŸ˜‰


One and only oneπŸ˜€


Student here βœ‹
I currently use 2: my personal Gmail, and my college email


I use 3 email addresses. I use Gmail since Google releases it.

I also use Yandex.

I use Hotmail Since 2002. Is there anyone to remember windows live spaces?


A main email with alway a zero inbox.
I also have a spam or temp account email.


I must have had more than 10-15 over the years, but currently my mail client only has 6. Two of them are the main ones, a GSuite for my business email and a gmail for personal.


I use 4 emails

  1. Personal
  2. For the sites which I have to visit frequently
  3. For the sites which I have to visit only once
  4. This one for marketing and promotion one's(Spam)

You should use plus addressing on GMail - can effectively use as many addresses as you like - handy for signing up to stuff if you expect spam. You can simply filter those out easily - i.e. potnuru+suspectspamsite@gmail.com gets delivered to potnuru@gmail.com


Wow !!!! thanks for the Advice, I just learned new thing......


Having more than one email is pain, especially for identity proofing.

I have three major ones, but of course, identity-related email will only be one.


Email clients for the rescue πŸ˜‰ Some useful alternatives hereπŸ‘


I have two active mailboxes. One personal, and one professional at my employer's domain.


I use two.
One for main account.
Other gmail for try stuff that requires Google sign in
For everything else temporary mails.


I use three, one for payments, one for college, one for signing up for sites or apps


3 personal (1 gmail and 2 outlook) and one gmail for work, provided by my company.


1 personal email
1 work related freelance projects
1 for my day job
1 from the agency I work with
1 for all of my subscriptions and newsletters


lol, I've 4:
1st- for registering at one time use sites
2nd- for government related links and data
3rd- for bank payments
4th- for official