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What is a web development & why you should study it?

In simple terms, web-Development means developing websites for the internet. Building a website is involved in the various processes to get it up for running it worldwide. Web development involves some simple processes of Coding, Programming, and designing, etc.

coding and programming enable the website to run and function properly.

⦁ The computer revolution has left every area of society untouched which leaves businesses both big and small and big seeking to enter and building an empire into the web arena. There is a surplus of opportunities for web developers to dominate.

Benefits of studying web developing

  1. Staggering Demand: Today in this digital world every business needs a website to earn more profit even it's approach up to the big, small city, Division, province, national level, and international level. The demand for good developers is increasing very quickly, So the demand for web developers is going to grow day by day.

  2. Work Flexibility: The freedom, a developer enjoys is among in his/her work because you can work as a freelancer, part-time, full-time, for a company, for government and for yourself from remotely even on holidays you can work.

  3. Good Moola: It pays well too often a few hours of work are rewarded with a high pay which makes it extremely work while and a very sought after career choice.

  4. Qualification: No college degree is needed even you don't need any computer degree to become a web developer. You are hired on the basis of your knowledge and skills, and the portfolio of your website.

Your theory can get you in the interview, but your skill gets you into the job.

  1. Fulfilment: It requires passion, work, time to practice, and it is also based upon the consistency of your struggle. You have the potential of helping and impacting not only locally, but Globally.

⦁ If this post is not convincing you to study web development, read the lines of some biggest names.

⦁ "All my friends who have younger siblings, who are going to college or higher-School my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program".

        "Mark Zaukerberg", Facebook
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⦁ "Learn to write program stretches your mind, and helps you to think better, create a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains "

    "Bill Gets", Microsoft
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⦁ "Learning to code is helpful no matter what your career ambitions are"

"Arianna Huffington", The Huffington Post
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⦁ "don't just play on your phone-program it".

"Barack Obama", President
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⦁ Can you see that they are not recommending being Lawer, Docter, or Engineer?

Those are very noble/ and glorious career choices of course, but there is a pattern in which they are saying and it's no coincidence.

Don't sit back and let the years go by. Keep improving, keep moving, keep learning, put in the time and the actions and results will come.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the best second time is right now.


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