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Discussion on: Free SQL hosting providers ?

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Sharad Raj (He/Him) Author

It is portable but you can't access it over network.

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Phil Ashby

True, and you did ask for a 'as a service'. I have seen (and SQLite supports with caveats) SQLite used over a file share, although that brings back horrific memories of Access databases on SMB shares, or worse, Visual Source Safe - shudder.

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Herb Wolfe

What type of network? We use an application that accesses one on a server on a daily basis.

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Sharad Raj (He/Him) Author • Edited

Sqlite is for local storage like in embedded systems. You cannot access it remotely. You need either an API running on that server or some other interface to do database manipulation.

Where as client server based dbms like MySQL can be accessed via a domain, port, username, password. So you don't have db stored on the system where that app or software is running.

Example of such applications are based on the way you implement.

Like you can make a todo app with sqlite but in that case both the db and app will be on same server.
In another case you can use MySQL, MongoDB etc to store db elsewhere and app will be hosted somewhere else.