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Discussion on: How do you take breaks throughout the day?

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Shaun McWhinnie • Edited

Not advocating it as a sensible thing unless you can put the time and flexibility aside that owning a pet requires, but if it fits your lifestyle get a dog.

My partner and I both work from home and the tendency is to absolutely headsdown at problems which was becoming an issue with getting enough exercise during the day, and longer term with becoming totally burnt out on projects.

It can be frustrating at times when he wants to go out or needs walked just before meetings, but having the enforced exercise during the day - a half hour at 11am, and another at 4pm -- has improved my sleep schedule and forced me to be more mindful about how I plan my day, how I organise my time with my team, and how my time is best spent.

Plus Whisky is cute af and makes weekends way more fun.