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Cost of learning

You forgot to mention the upfront cost of owning a Mac. You don't need a paid developer account until you decide to publish your own apps to the app store, the free one will let you sideload 3 apps every week via Xcode.

Using Xamarin, you can develop not only Android and iOS apps but UWP, WPF, macOS also.

Xamarin, UWP and WPF are completely different frameworks. Maybe you meant C# since these 3 are based on the language?

Flutter is - it is open-source software

It's a framework :)

However, on the ease of use scale, Android scores less compared to Xcode IDE.

Xcode is miles behind Android Studio's (which is basically an Intellij IDEA fork) capabilities. Ask any experienced iOS dev and they'll give you a whole bucket list of Xcode's shortcomings.

As mentioned earlier, when compared to Android, it’s a bit easier to learn iOS. So obviously the learning curve is less in iOS.

This is purely subjective. Both can be a serious headache at times.

What makes the learning curve more in Android is - you need to lay more emphasis on compatibility and testing.

You've to write tests and check for device and version compatibilities on every platform. There's no exception to this rule.


Thanks for your feedback, You have read my complete article, most of them are a debatable topic, but I have corrected a few of them which I thought are correct or need to be updated.

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