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Discussion on: What's on your 2021 reading list?

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Sheila Gomes

I've just started watching "The Expanse" TV series, and I always try to read the books behind the series I watch, which means I started reading "Leviathan Wakes" by James Corey (and only after discovered it's a collection of many titles, so maybe that'll be it for 2021 :D). But, in case I don't really like it, next on the list are: "The Book of Delights" by Ross Gay, "Nomadland" by Jessica Bruder, "The Tyranny of Merit" by Michael Sandel, "Between the World and me" by Ta-nehisi Coates, "The Refusal of Work" by David Frayne. It's always a growing list, that will probably change very soon, especially after I read all the comments in this discussion!