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Discussion on: Don't aim for 'Senior'

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Ryan Lynch (he/him) • Edited on

I disagree slightly with the point that senior is a meaningless term. I think that outside of an organization, the label has less meaning. But within an engineering org there should be ideas for how to maximize people's impact, and senior developers may fill different needs that might be pretty well defined.

As a person though I say aim for impact, aim for increasing the scope of your knowledge, aim for sharing what you know with others. Aim for a bigger paycheck too if that fills a need in your life as it does mine.

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Leo Gopal Author

I think we agree fully but just semantic differences.
Senior or levels inside an org is helpful, it helps juniors know who can help, who can take on what level of task etc. outside the org, not so much. I could be senior at x company but junior and the next.

Also reaching senior is sad, what's next?
I think we need better goals and better labels.