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SDC Day 11

Timothy Nguyen
Software Engineering Graduate from Hack Reactor
・1 min read

I realized that my EC2 instances were hosted in Ohio, so I started my day off creating an image of my PostgreSQL database that I can then copy into the California region. Once I had an image in California, I launched an instance of it which became a copy of my other database. Images are really cool because they can serve as a backup and also makes copying really easy. I then created an EC2 instance for my express server and hooked it up to my EC2 database. A tricky part of that process was editing the security inbound connections so that the connections were to the correct IP Address and secured from strangers. After finally finishing the deployment of my server and database, I began stress testing using, which is a cloud-based load testing service that allows me to stress test using thousands of requests per second. My endpoints did fairly well being able to handle 1500 requests per second without much falloff to response time or error rate. However, at 2000 requests per second I started to see sharp decreases in performance. My next goal is to start horizontally scaling by adding more EC2 instances of servers.

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