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SDC Day 10

Timothy Nguyen
Software Engineering Graduate from Hack Reactor
・1 min read

Today I deployed my PostgreSQL database to an EC2 instance and seeded the data. The main difficulties were setting up my SSH(Secure Shell) and expanding the storage as needed. I learned that I can edit the SSH config file so that I can start up my instances more easily. Once I connected to the instance, I then used PGAdmin to access my instance and manually add the tables I needed. Seeding was an easy process that only required me to import the csv files into the tables! However, while importing my last table I realized that my 8GB of storage was not enough for the final csv to import. I then upgraded it to 12GB on AWS and then expanded the partition in SSH to reflect the new storage changes. This however was still not enough and I was then blocked from changing the storage for another 6 hours. In order to keep the progress moving, I decided to make an image of my instance and launch a new 30GB instance using that image. This created an exact copy of my instance with all the previously seeded data present. I was then able to finish importing and seeding my database!

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