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Discussion on: Stream Idea - Teaching Go Live

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Shiraaz Moollatjie • Edited on

It's an interesting concept. I watched a few coding streams before and it doesn't seem exciting to me. So definitely needs to be more "watchable" to an audience.

I think offering to teach is already done via courses, but this is more personal so it has that going for it.

Code reviews are cool, but are you going to be yourself or assume an on screen character? A rage coder would be funny.

Offering help is also cool, I think this could work. But you need an audience first to get the ball rolling on this one. Although, you could ask your buddies to be the ones you're helping.

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Donald Feury Author

yeah I'm very bleh about live coding, its just not very interesting to me, nor do I have any real interest to do it.

I believe the main advantage of teaching live is the same reason people will pay hundreds of dollars to attend online workshops. They can ask questions and get a more personalized experience. Except in my case, its free.

It would just be myself doing the reviews. It works something along the lines of, people would submit requests to have a review done, and after I collect enough, I do a stream where I just do the reviews.