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Let's Build Express Server. Beginners Guide

What Is Express Js?

Express Js Is Web Framework For Node.js

Where To Use Express Js

  • Most Popular Use Of Express Js In the Current Time Is To Create Web Apis.
  • Also Some People Are Using To Create Full-stack Web App With using Pug, Ejs, Or Basic HTML

here we are going to create a simple API to understand concepts of express

Getting Started


  • You need Node.js Installed In Your System. You can download node.js from Node.js

  • Open New Directory And Write This command to initialize a new project.
    npm init -y

-Now install express as dependencies for your project
npm install express

Create basic hello world API

  1. Create index.js file and import express js & initialize the app

Express Import & init app

  1. Create an endpoint

in simple term endpoint is a path where you are getting expected data
/users return all users
/products returns all products

endpoint creatiion
here we have created endpoint / where we are sending hello world as a response.

3 Open a port for connections

Open Port

  1. Run application > write node index.js to start the application


  1. open localhost:3000 on browser browser image

hooray you made it 🥳

what now

now try to render Html. try to create forms & process data using any database.

find material online and create your own express apps.

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