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Discussion on: Should I switch to linux OS?

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Shubham Kumar Author

Coming to programming world (web development) some people advices to use linux over Windows saying it's fast & other benefits. I had never used linux or any other OS other then windows, plus I also need graphic softwares to run (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD).
So will it be beneficial to switch to lunix OS from windows as switching OS and learning will be very time consuming process for me & I'm not having any problem using windows. Just curious to know opinions of others...

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Mihail Malo

If you have a powerful computer for Adobe/gaming reasons, you will probably survive running a full graphical linux distro in a virtual machine. Try doing some things in there and see how you fare.

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David J Eddy

It sounds like you are not ready to take the plunge 100% to Linux. In that case try Windows Subsystem to Linux. a Linux like environment that can run on windows.

Checkout this blog for a quick intro:

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Tyler V. (he/him)

If you have a spare computer to try it out on, I highly recommend it for the experience. If you don't have a spare computer (in case the installation happens to go south), I would try following to get started in the world of Linux.

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Learning the Unix command line is really useful so at the very least I'd give Windows Subsystem for Linux a go.

Adobe programs aren't available for Linux so you can't full on switch if those are a requirement. You could dual boot or use a VM though. If money isn't a barrier then macOS is nice middle ground as it has industry-standard design software and is part of the Unix family tree. The command line on a Mac is almost exactly like Linux except you don't have to sudo as often.

I'd definitely recommend giving Linux a go just for the experience if you've never used it at all before. If you're worried about partitioning your HD to dual-boot you can always buy an old Thinkpad on eBay. Common distros like Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, etc will run fine on old hardware.