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re: I saw this tool some weeks ago in Github, I had not the chance to use yet. Is it possible to modularize more like we do in other frameworks like Fl...

Yes, you can! You can use chalicelib folder to add your project's code and use the app.py only for the API paths.

You can also see here some examples of triggers, events, scheduled tasks: github.com/aws/chalice/blob/master...

Although I would recommend for bigger projects to use AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model). I am currently writing a tutorial for SAM.


Cool, I will definitely take a look at this, thanks.

I have been working with SAM on last year, is quite good for big applications, but writing stuff in YAML sometimes is a bit stressful, mostly when you have 800+ lines in one template.

Same here! A YAML template with 900 lines is hard to maintain!

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