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Discussion on: What is key to a great home office setup?

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simo • Edited on

Definitely ergonomics. You are sacrificing a lot by staying alone at home, so why not make it a win?

  1. Orhotpedic mattress. I know, it's not part of your office, but sleeping in a comfortable bed made a huge difference to my entire well being.
  2. Ergonomic chair, you know, the one that can tilt naturally with your body. It have to have some sort of a weight in it, no idea how that works exactly.
  3. Standup desk. While I can't say I stay up all day, nor do I have a specific schedule to get up, I've noticed that whenever I feel like getting up, it's very nice to have it. Also you can adjust your desk depending on your mood, the tilt example above, or in the cases when you feel like sitting up straight.
  4. Monitor arm. I rarely move mine TBH, but it's nice to have it anyway. It's important to keep your neck straight. It also makes your table space cleaner.
  5. Comfortable keyboard and mouse. I've noticed that having a keyboard with a numpad required my right hand on the mouse to be way to the right. Especially when you are a touch typist, and so that resulted in significant pain in my right shoulder over the years.
  6. Soft padding for your wrists and elbows. Any thick enough and soft mat would do it. Rubbing your arms on hard surfaces over prolonged period can lead to serious nerve injuries.
  7. 120Hz monitor. I know that's highly controversial, most of the people think that's nonsense, but if you are sensitive to flickering it's a must have.
  8. Ear muffs. Yep, I do have headphones, and earplugs too, but in all those other cases when you do need just silence, construction grade over the ear, ear muffs can help you get into the zone.
  9. In case you are in close proximity to a window, you have to be able to control the amount of daylight to the point of complete blackout. Thick blinds can help you with that.

Everything else is a plus. I'm yet to experiment with good lighting BTW.

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Michael Maitoza

I really like your setup. I have a beautiful extra room which is similar to the room you are describing. I think I will work on it some and see what comes out of it.