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Thanks for the breakdown. It seems simple enough. What's the revolutionary part of blockchains then, the part that Satoshi figured out? Did Satoshi just put out a proof that this is a valid way to do things?


The revolutionary part of blockchain technology (or at least one of its revolutionary features) is that you never have to trust a single user of the network. You only have to trust the technology because if that works, it's impossible to cheat the system.


I don't really get it. You can explain a bit more please ?

I think it's about decentralization, in a p2p network everyone has a copy of the blockchain (in case) and if one changes its pair this will generate an incongruity with the other pairs scattered in the nodes (computer, device) of the network, and your fake couple it would be excluded, therefore, no one should worry if a node is honest because he himself would denounce and punish himself by excluding himself from the network.

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