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Discussion on: Explain Angular to Me

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Holy-Elie Scaïde • Edited

I've learned AngularJS as my first frontend framework, then moved to React. But I have learned Angular as part of an intership last year.
My Understanding:
When designing a web app with React, it boils down to a component tree. You can hook things in the various node of the tree or pass extra objects to it via the context. it feels like writing HTML. But Angular feels like writing Java Code. You have modules that are very similar to packages, they are basically a complete subset of the business domain. Inside those modules, you have services that are the core logic of the app, and components which are responsible for the views.

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Jonathan Apodaca

Yeah, you are spot on. Angular is like Spring for frontend: you define services, modules, etc, and then tell Angular the bits you want it to fill in (i.e., dependency injection) using, surprise surprise, annotations.

This may just be personal preference, but I quite dislike it.