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Discussion on: A Future Without Webpack

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Antoine Caron

Hey !

First, this is a great article.

Bundler should not be required for webdev :)

I really think Compression is a big deal.
Splitting file to file will increase runtime caching but will destroy Gzip or Brotli power.

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Fred K. Schott Author

For sure, it all comes down to a balance between the caching improvements that you get, the total downloaded efficiency that you get (no downloading code you don't need), and the compression efficiency of that first download.

One of my favorite things about this strategy is that it's great when you're just starting out and performance isn't your immediate concern. No need to wrestle with a ton of tools just to get a prototype or demo or simple site out there. And then, when you are ready to optimize for production users, you're free to add a bundler to your toolkit if that's what you'd prefer.

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