Discussion on: I am applying for front end dev but the interview will have one hour of "scaling web app", what does it involve?

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Fran González

Don’t worry about that, you won’t be asked to do an hour long talk about it, it’ll probably be just a discussion and they’ll be the ones directing it. So just be prepare for it as much as you can and try not to overthink it. You won’t be giving a talk, you’ll be part of one.

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sunflowerseed Author

I hope that's the case. Certainly if is a discussion only, it is not an issue. If they make an offer, it is even more so not an issue. I have interviewed with companies that pushed and pushed, and sounded like why I am not giving proper scalability design or infrastructure architecture and showing displeased facial expression, and then not extending any offer (note that it is a front end dev role), and when I made any feedback to the recruiting department, they'd say, "not every (hiring) system is perfect."