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FullStack vs PolyGlot

You can call yourself polyglot when you are independent. Independent in the sense, you are responsible to answer if anything goes wrong either on server, backend or fronted side. Organization you're working with can assign you whole project without involvement of other dev

You are polyglot if you can handle team of fullstack dev. That means, you have to be fullstack with multiple programming skills.

Example ⤵️

Fullstack: python(django), react, mysql, aws, linux(ec2)

Polyglot: php, java, python(django), react, mysql, aws, linux(ec2)

Hope this makes clear about these two terms 😀

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Polyglot seems like a whole IT department 😂.

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Usually if there is one person who is responsible for anything that goes wrong on the server, or client, we call it a risk :p

Most full stack devs are polyglots. Not all polyglots are full stack devs though. i.e. a polyglot might write some ML related code in python, and write micro services in java, but never write anything for the client, so it doesn't make you a full stack developer.

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Chetan Mittal

I would say polyglot is a broader term than fullstack. And it is easier for polyglots to become fullstacks than vice-versa.

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em, I think you are grossly missusing the term polyglot. and making very inaccuartely conflating between two very distinct skillsets.
A polyglot is someone who is a master of languages, predominately spoken as these have more structures, syntax, grammer, pronounciation etc. These polyglots are akin to being savaunts of the natrual language.
An individual working in IT, is in a world where there is many fragments and denominations of schools of thoughts ergo langauges that effectively do very specific tasks better than others. Mastering this skillset where in effect all(vast majority of) programming languages is built using again a denomination of CLANG. If anything we practice different dielects not out right langugages.
But then for anyone who comes into this field from others can see this glaring clut like devotion to lanaguages and frameworks is often abnoxiously daunting and intimidating. But once monomeric truthism are found then you develope a greater understanding for the massive plethora of languages. To finally drive my point home how being techincal requires you to have a skill set that allow you to apply solutions to lanagauge specific problems like java or c++ or fuck it cobalt. Is not the same cognative skills that can let you say:
"The rains in spain mainly falls on the plain" - " in a multiple of different langauges like:
"les pluies en espagne tombent principalement sur la plaine" or
"Chuvas na espanha caem principalmente na planície!" (Im interested in finding out how different people across the world say that statement)

So please, deflate the ego of the self delusion that a full-stack developer carries about, you are nothing more than extremely skilled technicians who have an ability to utlise many programs to provide web based services and architecture to clients.

There is nothing remotely sauvant to learning many programming langauges, when in essence you are learning to apply to a large degree the same technical solution in the context in which its needed.