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Newbie Javascript

How long will it take to start thinking like a programmer and solve issues logically?

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Tran Minh Tri

Instead of asking how long it will take, you should ask "how can I do xxx ? What should I do ?" like your question show me right away you are rushing to become a developer like, With this kind of mind set, you will do everything half-ass and rush toward the result instead of focusing on the process.

It will come. Naturally.

With me I spend a easy few months to learn basic javascript before jumping into many complicated topics like React, NodeJS and TypeScript. Take me easy a full year to land a fullstack developer job.

Am I ashamed of that ? ofc not. I know there are peoples better than me but so what ? Just take your time. Enjoy your life and the process.

The most important advice I will give is learn what you need to know to land the jobs. And keep doing it until you land one. That's it.