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re: Does Azure has an equivalent of AWS AppSync?

ok, the answer is we don't have anything exactly like AppSync but we are actively working on building something like it


Hi Chris, any update on this? Thanks.

Hi Rene. Still early days.. We are working generally on making it easier to use our services with JavaScript though, here is an example where you start with a NestJS app and turn that into serverless and you can easily hook in data sources into it dev.to/azure/build-your-first-serv..., have a look here as well dev.to/azure/introducing-nosql-azu... and here's a deployment tool to make serverless deployment easier github.com/manekinekko/hexa

Thanks Chris. I was most interested in an Azure equivalent to AWS AppSync. I am aware of Hasura but we would be more comfortable with a GraphQL PaaS that's offered natively by Azure. Any ETA on that? Thanks.

I'm also interested in this (Azure equivalent to AWS AppSync). Any update on the ETA?

In progress. I'm sorry I can't give you good timeline but work is being done

I am super interested in this feature you have an aproxímate ETA?

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