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re: Dear Some Dood, apologies for bringing this here (but there are apparently no other ways to contact you), but I think you should re-consider your a...

😂 No need for apologies, my friend. Why do you think so? It's my signature look per se. It's my personal (unregistered) trademark.


Oh, my. I didn't mean that at all. My avatar icon is supposed to be me waving or pointing at someone. Please don't take any offense from it. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

I'm afraid I don't want to change it (for now). I wanted a cartoonish feel around my avatar icon. Other than that, it also has some sentimental value to me.

Again, sorry if that puts you off. I really didn't mean any offense.

* I think we should be wrapping this up here. This is no place to discuss such matters.

I know you didn't mean that, but like you wrote there is room for misunderstanding.
Anyway, mine was just a suggestion, hence feel free to ignore it.

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