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The best advice I could give is to start small!! We all know that you have the most amazing idea that will allow users to launch themselves on a rocket into space (or whatever) but before you can build a rocket ship you have to build a skateboard. Try to identify what your "minimum viable product" is--the simplest version of what you ultimately want to build. Keep a separate list of features that you want to add, and your product will grow organically over time. But start by focusing on one thing! After all, it doesn't help you to have an app that users can almost log in to and almost invite their friends to use and almost etc. It does help to have an app that does one thing really well, and grow it from there.


This! I find that it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed trying to do too much at once. Simplifying helps a lot. Sketch out one feature. Implement that one feature. Rinse, repeat. :)


This answer definitely resonated with me; sometimes you just need someone to put the words in the right order. Thank you.

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