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Engineer at GitHub, graduate of + former teacher at Flatiron School. Cat lover, but I admit I have a dog. Supporting students and junior devs through https://www.break-in.tech/

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Software Engineer at GitHub

Synchronizing Go Routines with Channels and WaitGroups

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7 min read

Building Dynamic Outputs with Terraform Expressions and Functions

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8 min read

Knock Down Your House: Refactoring and The Creative Process

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5 min read

Elixir and The Beam: How Concurrency Really Works

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8 min read

TIL GenServer's `handle_continue/2`

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4 min read

Understanding Recursion with Elixir

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8 min read

How to Ace the Dreaded Whiteboard Interview

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5 min read

How to Learn to Learn to Code

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5 min read

How to Get Un-Stuck

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7 min read

Pair Programming for Interviewees

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6 min read

From Newbie to Presenter: My Path to Speaking at Empex

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2 min read

Custom Ruby Class Macros with Class Instance Variables

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6 min read

Custom Form Validation in React with Redux Middleware

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18 min read

Junior Dev Survival Guide: How to Communicate About Code

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7 min read

JavaScript's Functional Class Pattern

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6 min read

Composable Query Builders in Rails with Arel

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10 min read

Smarter Rails Services with Active Model Modules

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11 min read

The React + Redux Container Pattern

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13 min read

DIY reCAPTCHA with Ruby

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7 min read

Building a Custom Logger with Active Support Tagged Logging

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7 min read

JWT Auth with Phoenix and React Router 4

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13 min read