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This is great advice and its so easy to forget and let your frustration get the best of you! I also had a difficult sprint recently when my team was working with a client who didn't do a great job of communicating or providing the resources we needed to get the job done. The first week I let my frustration show and we didn't get any further in our project. This past week I kind of just sucked it up and responded to vague or rude communications with a lot of positivity. Instead of giving in to feelings of frustration or annoyance, my team was able to roll of our sleeves and take on whatever extra work was needed to get the job done. And we were rewarded with a successful feature delivery on Friday!


Nice! Congratulations on a successful release!

I always think about a scene from the movie The Martian, after he's had a huge, life-threatening setback, and he sits in his rover for a second. Has like 2 seconds of freakout, and then puts his game face on and goes back to work, solving the problems.

I have to remind myself that it's OK (and probably good) to have a bit of a fit when things get overwhelming, but at a certain point, the only way things get better is by getting things done, and the best thing to do is get to work and do my best.

Thanks for sharing! 😁

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