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My name is Jacob Birkett. In a self-taught and motivated programmer with lots of experience with Python. I'm currently learning D, like a superior C++. It's hard for me to gauge how competent I am because I don't have anyone with moderate skills for comparison. I'm still a teenager but I like adults more than my peers. I've tried to take computer science classes but they all seem like jokes. I've added my GitHub profile so some of my better public projects are visible. I don't like web development so my website is in a state if despair right now. I keep promising myself that I'll do it after my current project, but between you and me, we both know that's a lie. I'm trying to save money for a new laptop so I can work on more computationally expensive software on-the-go. I want to work on a game engine next, not because we need another engine, but because I think it would be fun to make and interesting to fight the garbage collector.

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