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Discussion on: Stop Memorizing! : The #1 Advice I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

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This is why I tell interview candidates that they can use Google/Stack Overflow/MDN/whatever to complete the mini app I have them build. It's silly to expect anyone to know everything, especially with the multiple technologies required in the world of web apps.

Watching what a candidate searches for and how they use the info they find is very revealing about how they think, which ultimately shows me how they problem solve better than just reading whatever code they wrote (or copied) after the fact.

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Robert Myers

One coding interview I did something the interviewers didn't know about (and subsequently started using in production code), simply because of Intellisense.

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Ankit Beniwal 🙂

Seriously? Respect 🙌 for you and all those who think this way. I wish I could be interviewed with that maturity someday :XD

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Brenda Michelle Author

This is great! Better than a lot of interview experiences I've heard of from others