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Discussion on: What Makes an Environment Inclusive?

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Diversity (of various kinds) has been well covered in this topic, so I'll just +1 it. I'd just like to add that I want to see more inclusivity of differing work styles. In software, open floor plans seem to be a given, but I find them difficult to work in. The assumption is that open floor leads to more collaboration, but all I've experienced over the past decade is that they make it more difficult for me to focus whether that be for writing code or even just for discussing possible solutions with teammates. Headphones only help so much, and they do nothing WRT the constant stream of people walking in my field of view.

I'd love to see companies provide quiet/"closed" environments as well as open floors (some companies do). A big part of inclusivity is letting everyone perform up to their potential, and based on past experience, I know I'm not performing up to mine.

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