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Discussion on: DevOps Engineer vs. SRE?

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Stephen Leyva (He/Him)

This is a touchy subject 😂😂 Implementation varies from company to company and tbh not sure industry wise there’s a correct answer. I don’t believe it’s a collection of tools but rather a philosophy with differing implementation based on the scale, skill set, and industry of the corporation. Though Google, where the SRE role originates (though I wouldn’t suggest attempting to follow it whole heartedly), has a quote in the SRE handbook:

The term “DevOps” emerged in industry in late 2008 and as of this writing (early 2016) is still in a state of flux. Its core principles—involvement of the IT function in each phase of a system’s design and development, heavy reliance on automation versus human effort, the application of engineering practices and tools to operations tasks—are consistent with many of SRE’s principles and practices. One could view DevOps as a generalization of several core SRE principles to a wider range of organizations, management structures, and personnel. One could equivalently view SRE as a specific implementation of DevOps with some idiosyncratic extensions.

SRE Handbook

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Edvin Author

What do you mean? Discussions in the dev community are NEVER touchy, hahaha. All jokes.

But yeah, DevOps and SRE are still pretty new methodologies and are still being molded. It definitely varies greatly from company to company in what those methodologies mean in their organizations. I am seeing a consistent them from the conversations I’ve had. DevOps is the general standard setter across programs and SREs are more fine grained within each program or team that expand on those standards in a more fine grained manner.