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Discussion on: Automate Your GitHub Profile README with Go and GitHub Actions

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Scott Simontis

This is an awesome technical accomplishment, but I feel personally (and my opinion is in no way an absolute force) that it misses the point of README files. I do think there are some projects on GitHub that this tool would be awesome for, but if you are producing a library to be consumed by other developers, I think that it takes a carefully crafted experience to explain why your project is better than all of the other competing solutions, that explains how to do a "hello world" equivalent with your project, and that explains any major design decisions that others might struggle with and encourages them to check out your documentation.

But I do love this level of DevOps automation, great job!

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charly3pins Author

Thanks for commenting @ssimontis . I totally agree that this solution is not applicable for all the projects. In fact I would say this is just for the use case showed in the post, so for the profile's README. For the others, as you perfectly explained, the README it is used as a reference as a starting point or as a documentation for its project, so it doesn't makes sense to automate it. Maybe some parts could be, but not the whole README. But I found that a way to play a bit with the GitHub Actions and mixing with Go and also building an updated profile with the RSS feed of my blog.